Burberry Prorsum 2013 Pre-Fall/Winter Collection



Burberry’s Prorsum line has released it’s 2013 Pre-Fall/Winter Collection By Christpher Bailey. Inspired by Burberry’s iconic designs and giving them a modern styling. The Prorsum line from Burberry has become a big part of the brand. This collection contains a mix of knitwear along with overcoats, caridgans and oversized duffle coats. The textiles in this collection include bonded pure cashmere sculptural plongé leather and animal prints. The collection uses bold color contrasts in it’s knitwear and design variation with it’s collars and lapels this collection brings new life to class burberry silhouettes.

burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-1 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-2 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-4 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-5 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-7 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-9 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-14 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-15 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-16 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-17 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-18 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-19 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-21 burberry-prorsum-2013-pre-fall-winter-collection-23


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