Exclusive: Ivan Yiu Vancouver Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012


I run a lot, my mind frees up when I’m running and ideas just pop into my head. I run on trails, so I enjoy looking at nature; things like water, silhouettes of leaves and woodgrain. Sometimes after my run I would sit there and sketch. Basically that’s how I started forming my collection. After getting a rough idea of what I wanted my collection to look like, I picked out the fabrics and colours. This part to me is the most important, especially knowing I was going to do technical activewear. I decided to use -Polartec- and -eVent- fabrics. These are high quality tech fabrics that will guarantee an exceptional experience.

After knowing which fabrics I was going to use, I chose the colours. I wanted bright summery colours; lime green, red, magenta and dusk blue. Everything was becoming a reality. I slowly saw my collection taking shape. Finally, after I finished designing, the next step was making the patterns -ugh. I had 22 looks and over 30 pieces. I decided to use technical techniques such as Seam Seal, Dye Cut, Fused Zippers and glued pockets.

When I thought everything was going smoothly and according to plan, one week before the show I found out I couldn’t use my own models. I was devastated, I didn’t have the new models measurements, VFW team just sent me their pictures, so I basically had to make the patterns blind and hope for the best. I pictured the worst…all my garments fitting the new models poorly, and honestly, what’s worst than that? When I was ready to give up, my friends and family pushed me to go forward.  At the end, I turned out to be really proud of what I showcased at the runway, and that is why i would like to thank my friends and family for the support.

Here is a peek of my ‘CRUEL SUMMER’ S/S 2012/13 Collection.

284312_10151254766341804_172653781_n 292931_10151254766461804_227092262_n 391747_10151254765976804_977333600_n 408501_10151254766486804_604376214_n 408621_10151254766671804_279674957_n 487471_10151254766206804_675454040_n 530191_10151254766126804_1007199039_n 546250_10151254766046804_904345060_n 548720_10151254766396804_867454689_n 560363_10151254766076804_753247296_n 564581_10151254766426804_1872195467_n 581573_10151254766296804_494171649_n 581582_10151254766171804_1137369184_n

581390_10151452331672166_1491019314_n 315621_10151452332002166_1954207671_n 222531_10151452330592166_1479247026_n 183811_10151452332757166_681860834_n 182586_10151452327027166_351043307_n 150561_10151452324607166_30146129_n 69320_10151452330757166_1120112235_n 26631_10151452331172166_2107045155_n





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